You need a fashion shower ! Anna Dello Russo x H&M

19 Sep

Anna Dello Russo for H&M Campaign

 Anna Dello Russo x H&M is definitely the collaboration of the year!

After teasing the fashionistas with few shots and interviews about her new coming accessories collection, AdR, the editor at large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan had released an international fashion anthem:  ‘You need a fashion shower’ !!!

The eccentric and playful stylist is literally trying to say that ‘We all need a fashion shower’!!! Oh, of course! By judging her top 10 FASHION RULES (see them below) included in the song, by ‘ fashion shower’ the blogosphere idol is sharing that flamboyant and endlessly documented style is obtained thru outstanding jewelry and so could we!

‘My message is: use accessories like a personal touch, as an amusing way to revitalize your life and wardrobe: you will turn an ordinary day into a sensational fashion week day.

Accessories are vital. Not only they allow you to play with fashion however you like, marking your outfits with a personal touch.

They are also an essential tool to give new life to what you already have in your wardrobe: wear a necklace, a bracelet and earrings, hold a clutch and top it all off with a hat, and everything becomes new. Accessories are like vitamins to fashion: you should use them liberally as such.’ says Anna.

Totally agreed!


  1. Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom
  2. Between style and fashion? Absolutely fashion
  3. Fashion is always uncomfortable, if you feel comfortable you never get the look
  4. Fabulous at every age
  5. Wearing night clothes in the daytime is unexpected
  6. Somebody wearing your same outfit? Wonderful, you did the right choice
  7. You must wear outfit once
  8. Wear coat as a dress
  9. It doesn’t matter the size of your body, fashion flatter everyone
  10. Fashion jewels personalise your style. Nothing succeeds like excess

To be honest she’s looking smoking hot at her 50 tees! I wish that I will the guts to wear those outfits of this ‘passionate fashionista’ as AdR like to describe her self.

Back to fashion.

AdR accessories range for H&M will be available on October the 4th and it features jewellery, sunglasses, bags, shoes and a travel trolley.

This is the complete look of the campaing shoted by Mert&MArcus.(who esle?)

H&M x Anna Dello Russo Lookbook


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