Lavish lashes – Katy Perry COLOR POP EYELASHES

4 Jan

Katy-Perry-Color-Pop-Lashes-Ka-Ching Katy-Perry-Color-Pop-Lashes-Ka-Pow Katy-Perry-Color-Pop-Lashes-Za-Kaam

From pop queen to pop art queen! Katy Perry launches a new false lashes collection with Eylure. And she looks so cool as a comic character – just like a Roy Lichtenstein heroine. So cute!

The Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes come in bold shades like blue, purple and peacock green with cheeky names like Ka-Pow! and Ka-Boom!

Katy Perry is an expert when it comes to false lashes. In her makeup routine, they are a must, for she always wears bold and bright makeup.

The collaboration with Eylure came about after Katy used Eylure lashes whilst on her California Dreams tour.

And, for all makeup lovers, I have founded a Eyelure video, a guide basically on  how to achieve this look by your self.

Eylure-Katy-Perry-Lahes Katy-Perry-Eylure-Lashes Katy-Perry-Lahses-Oh-Honey



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