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08-Andrej-Pejic-Elle-Serbia-2013Once again androgynous model Andrej Pejic pushes gender boundaries on the cover of Elle Serbia. The twenty-one-year-old Andrej cross-dressing beauty is featured front and center on Serbian Elle’s January cover.

The cross-dressing model is fitted head to toe in Jean-Paul Gaultier outfits and trades in his trademark platinum locks for a choppy black wig. Once again to prove he defies categorization,  wrestles with female and male version of himself, Andrej is featured in the “Victor Victoria” editorial.

“I’ve left my gender open to artistic interpretation”, Pejic once said.

In the pictures shot by photographer Dusan Reljin, the female Pejic wears skimpy La Perla lingerie, while the masculine side captures his strength fitted in suits. Looking at the photos we can understand why at a twiggy 5 feet, 11 inches tall, the hipless, chestless Pejic is a fashion designer’s dream.

With his versatility, Andrej succeeded to hit the runways in both men’s and women’s fashion shows, so because he’s feeling comfortable in his own clothes Pejic did not plan to have a sex reassignment surgery.

“I’ve left my gender open to artistic interpretation,” Pejic told New York Magazine. “It’s not like ‘Okay, today I want to look like a man, or today I want to look like a woman.’ I want to look like me.”

Pejic is the second model to push gender boundaries on Elle, transforming what the fashion world considers feminine. (Brazilian model Lea T wore Givenchy on Brazilian Elle’s cover in 2011.)

The Serbian born model has made some serious fashion statements thru years and consequently racked up a number of high profile shoots, after he was discovered at 17 while working at McDonald’s.

Photos: Elle Serbia, January 2013


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