Ethereal vision

10 Sep



Influenced by Art Nouveau and Japanese manga comics style, Audrey Kawasaki unique vision grabs your attention in 3 seconds! Oh, well, if you think it’s just marketing,  look twice.

Known for her precise technical style, the Los Angeles based artist captivates with her mysterious ladies. Painted onto wood panels with oil paint, the artworks are contradictory within themselves: both innocent and erotic.

Her extremely feminine and sexy girls that look more like watercolor than oil unfold with graceful curves, porcelain doll faces, bedroom eyes and flowing hair.  Each subject is attractive, and yet disturbing as they bringing an unexpected warmth.

Enigmatic ghost like figures are simultaneously vulnerable and seductive, which shows that Audrey is an excellent painter and illustrator.

Working almost 10 years on fine arts, the originals are selling for between $5,000 and $14,500, and so far most of the paintings are already sold.

Truly, her art never disappoints and I can definitely understand why the Japanese artist seems to get more and more popular.

Hmmm, I can already see one hanging on my bedroom walls! What about you? Did any of them caught your attention?


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